Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

Hong Kong just might be the best place in Asia to find a great restaurant. Despite the territory’s relatively small area, it boasts some of the finest cuisine you’ll encounter anywhere. Naturally, it’s a wonderful center for Cantonese food, but there are also some surprises: did you know that you can enjoy better Japanese food here than in much of Japan itself? Here are some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong:


If you’re looking for superb French dining, then head for The Landmark on Queen’s Road Central, where you’ll find this storied gem. Dutch chef Richard Ekkebus is rapidly becoming a superstar thanks to his inventiveness and sheer Gallic flair. Who’d have thought that pineapple and tomato would go together so well, or that almonds could almost taste fresher than the day they were picked? Dine here and you’ll see what we mean!

Lung King Heen

You may have a hankering for something more Asian – you are in China, after all – and if so, look no further than this Kowloon showpiece. Having now been awarded the coveted three Michelin stars for six years in a row, you know you’re getting quality. While you gaze over Victoria Harbour from the window, try – somehow – to make your mind up between the 12 Bird’s Nest selections or the delicate, lightly seasoned fish dishes that make up the bulk of the main menu.

Cafe Grey Deluxe

Now, here’s a Queensway Admiralty institution that everyone should visit. It may have been around for years now, but a restaurant this good never gets old. It’s probably the best place in Hong Kong to really experience the “East meets West” fusion that’s made this place what it is today. Many people rave about its spring chicken – it may sound a dull, safe choice of dish, but don’t let the name fool you; it’s truly delicious.

Tenku RyuGin

What – award-winning Japanese food on the south coast of China? No, you’re not imagining it! Just climb 101 floors of the Tsim Sha Tsui’s International Commerce Centre to discover why this establishment has two Michelin stars. Based around the cuisine of Tokyo, it isn’t a cheap option, but you do get around 10 courses, following the structure of a traditional Japanese kaiseki. If you’re daring, try the frozen apple candy: it’s served at -320F!

Le Dome du Cristal

Another French Queen’s Road Central masterpiece, this may be the ultimate gastronomic destination in Hong Kong. You’ll probably blow an entire week’s budget on your meal, but you’re unlikely to regret it. Yes, it really is that good. Every aspect of the experience is fantastic: the canapes, the side dishes, the centerpiece dishes, and even the service. Naturally, there’s also a superb selection of French wines.

Twenty Six by Liberty

Slightly tucked away on Stanley Street it may be, but this is certainly among the best restaurants in Hong Kong. New chef Bjoern Alexander has brought a slightly more casual, bright feel to the place, but it’s certainly no fast-food outlet! The dishes are simple and unpretentious, but presented perfectly, and the staff are renowned for making customers feel at ease – even if they’re not used to this level of fine dining. Be warned: there’s quite a waiting list!

8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana

In the Landmark Alexandra mall is is the Italian restaurant owned by the buyer of world’s largest white truffle – around 4 pounds. You won’t get to eat that, but you can eat white truffle ice cream if you choose to dine at the only Italian place in the world – outside Italy, of course! – to have received the coveted three Michelin stars. There’s plenty of variety on the menu, with dishes ranging from lobster risotto to zucchini trompetta. Oh, and a walk-in wine cellar you can take a tour of.

Mrs. Pound

If you can’t find this restaurant when you arrive in Sheung Wan, that’s because it doesn’t look like one! The entrance is designed to look like that of an old-fashioned stamp seller’s, but once you’re inside there’s no pretense about this wonderful Malaysian place. Everyone’s been talking about its rendang poutine, and it’s certainly excellent, but don’t neglect the rest of the menu. In particular, the black pepper crab is to die for.

Aberdeen Street Social

The likes of Gordon Ramsay may have more name recognition when it comes to British chefs, but Jason Atherton’s new restaurant – in, er, Aberdeen Street – should certainly not be neglected. It’s not yet so well known as to be impossible to get a table, but if this quality keeps up then it probably soon will be. The roasted turbot is unmissable, while pig’s trotters are a lot tastier than they sound. There’s even a more casual bar downstairs; who could ask for more?



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Top Hong Kong Hotel Reviews

Hong Kong is a sprawling cosmopolitan city that is universally acclaimed for been one of the foremost global financial hubs. On the other hand, this city is a culturally rich historical place whose skyline is dotted with towering skyscrapers. While its streets are filled with high end shopping stores, and more to the point luxury accommodation options. When it comes to the latter, Hong Kong boasts of historic and globally renowned venues, high end global hotel chains as well as trendy boutique style hotels. All of which compete to get a fair share of foreign guests.

In a city where real estate comes at an exorbitant price tag, money definitely makes a big difference whenever you are seeking for the right accommodation. Should you possess an unlimited travel budget, your options will certainly be many and varied. On the flipside, if you are looking for modest accommodations, there are numerous mid-range hotels you could settle for. Which though they may not be mind blowing, still come with adequate amenities and facilities that can make your stay in Hong Kong memorable. To which end, the following are Hong Kong hotel reviews that are designed to elaborate in detail on just exactly what you ought to expect.

To begin with, a majority of the city’s finest hotels are concentrated on Hong Kong island itself and Kowloon. The last of which is a trendy urban area that is situated to the north of Hong Kong island and south of the mainland’s new territories. Most high end Hong Kong hotels are famous for offering panoramic views of the harbor that you will quite simply blow your head. Others are strategically located at the heart of the city, and are a walking distance from the trendy shopping areas, eateries and pubs. Over the few recent years, more hotels have been established on the various outlying islands. Most of which offer top notch tourist resort experiences.

Quite a large number of luxury hotels in Hong Kong are European styled, and feature high end facilities and amenities. This includes Michelin starred restaurants with gourmet dining options and ornate lobbies that come fitted with gilded ceilings. There are still others that integrate more Asian themes in interior décor, which offer a refreshing contrast to the European styled hotel accommodations.

Should you ultimately decide to settle for the global or local chains , you can definitely rest assured of accessing world class service, which some say is unparalleled the world over. Most guestrooms of these luxury Hong Kong hotels come with modern amenities that guarantee a highly pampered stay in this amazing city. This includes rooms that are fitted with modern gadgets such as iPods, iPod docks, elaborate entertainment units that feature flatscreen TVs, DVD and BluRay players and free Wi-Fi connectivity. Along with top of the range coffeemakers and espresso machines to mention but a few.

Most of these hotels also come with modern bathrooms that are crafted from slate or marble and where deep soaking tubs take center stage and also possess high end toiletry. Quite a number of them also boast of wellness and beauty spas as well as fully equipped fitness centers together with other modern facilities.

As you can see for yourself Hong Kong does certainly has an excellent idea on how best to offer world class hospitality to the upwardly urbane tourists whether it is for business or pleasure. And depending on the exact amount of cash you wish to spend, you can be in an excellent position of obtaining the perfect hotel that matches your tastes and inclinations to the T. Whether its close proximity to the central business district and the financial centers, convenient access to the trendy pubs, restaurants or nightclubs. Or perhaps you just want magnificent views of Hong Kong’s main attractions like the harbor.

On a parting shot, should you wish to access additional information on just what types of hotels you can find in this city, please feel free to visit This happens to be the official website of the Hong Kong hotels association, where you can be able to obtain exclusive deals or check for room availability on member hotels. This website offers instantaneous confirmation and does not charge any fees for bookings conducted through it. Hope these Hong Kong hotels reviews have been insightful.



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Things to do in Hong Kong

With a population of around 7 million residents, Hong Kong does teem with lots of energy from the moment you arrive and doesn’t let up until you depart. There is so much to do in Hong Kong, from skylines and landmarks which need to be photographed to the boat and ferry rides that must be experienced and the countless street markets and natural spots which are worth exploring; the list is endless. Have no doubt; the city will pleasantly surprise you. Appreciating the verdant terrain is just half the joy of visiting the city, the atmosphere is breathtaking and unmatched. To ensure your visit is memorable, here are 5 top things to do in Hong Kong, these include but are not limited to the following:

Take a ride on the Star Ferry

This is an absolute must for anyone visiting Hong Kong. Even though it is one of the slowest ways of moving between the Hong Island and Kowloon Peninsula, it is without doubt the most scenic way of getting around. The ferry is not only affordable and quick but is also quite stable and clean. Remember to carry your camera with you because once onboard, you will discover the amazing skyline, this is especially so at night. You can hop on this interesting and circuitous route at any of the 3 piers, the Central Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui pier or the Wan Chai option on the Hong Kong Island. Even though a variety of ticket types are readily available, the standard single ride is the most popular. A round trip costs around $ 9 USD ($ 70 HKD) during the day and $ 18 USD ($ 140 HKD) at night.

Visit Victoria Peak

Another popular tourist attraction is the Victoria Peak or Peak as locals call it, even though it is usually crowded, you should spare no effort and make sure you visit this spot. The peak allows you to see and grasp the size of the entire city in one unforgettable gaze. Even getting to the peak via the tram is an interesting attraction in itself, using the scenic red tram which has been operating for centuries since 1888 is quite memorable to say the least. It is important to note though that you can also reach the Peak Tram by simply walking from the central station (MTRs). The tram is open daily from 7am to midnight with cars departing every ten to fifteen minutes.


Take a lap round Happy Valley Racecourse

If you didn’t know it, Horse racing is a very popular pastime in Hong Kong. Nearly every Wednesday, thousand of Hong Kong residents fill the stands of the racecourse. This is the only legal place for gambling and many people take full advantage. Even if you are not a gambling enthusiast, make a point of visiting this place and interact with both locals and expatriates. The atmosphere is quite breathtaking with the city’s skyline sparkling as the sun goes down. The simple fact of having a giant track in the middle of the city is not only amazing but the entire experience is surreal and delightful. Even for an amateur photographer, the racing horses and the crowds offer some great pictures. You can’t take children along though because only visitors above 18 years of age are allowed in. The races usually start at 7pm and end at 11pm.

Take a Stroll at the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Located on the edge of the Kowloon Peninsula, the promenade is referred by many as the quintessential Hong Kong location for most visitors. A casual stroll of this place provides you with an uninterrupted view of the Island. If you decide to take your walk during the day then you can spend time watching different sized boats streaming in and out of the harbor. You can also take some time along the Avenue of Stars and admire handprints of some famous Hong Kong film stars. At night, you can watch the Symphony of the Stars; a light and sound show that’s quite enchanting and engaging albeit short. There are many bars and restaurants around the place too for those who want to sample the drinks and delicacies.

Check out the Ocean Park

This is without one of the top things to do in Hong Kong; the amusement park has what can only be described as one of the most spectacular natural scenery you can see on any coastline in the world. This park has a diverse zoo that includes dolphins and pandas and an aquarium that has both rays and sharks. It does also offer an out of this world roller coaster ride and a wide variety of carnival games to boot. With an underground funicular and cable car ride, the ocean park has lots attractions packed in. It is ideal for all ages as there is something for everyone.




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Plan Your Next Trip to Hong Kong City

When planning a getaway, you would probably be overwhelmed with the several locations to see all over the world. If you are considering somewhere within Asia, then the best vacation spot would be Hong Kong City. From it’s fantastic customs, cuisine, shopping, and even amusement parks; this is one getaway that you will never forget. Below, are factors that you will need to put under consideration while planning a trip to Hong Kong:

What To Do

There’s just a whole lot to do in Hong Kong City that without a doubt, you won’t know where to start. Those that like to shop will love all the shopping centers, boutiques, street markets as well as Chinese stores. You can also opt for the Peak as it offers the view of the whole of Hong Kong. Don’t miss out on the Consonance of Lights, which is a stunning light display showcased in most of the city’s buildings. But of course, boys and girls will have fun at the same time with theme parks such as Ocean Park and Disneyland Hong Kong!

Where To Stay

Hong Kong City is a holiday destination that offers numerous hotels to cater for the high tourist floor. Normally, there are hotels available for nearly all budgets. All that matters is the taste and preference of specific visitor.

Ways To Get Around

Hong Kong prides itself on its public transit system, which happens to be the very best in the world. Their transport isn’t just cost-effective, but it is safe and effective too. The alternatives are limitless which include: cab, rail, ferry, tram, or bus. Regardless of what you choose, you’re sure to get around conveniently while you explore the city.

Cost of Living

Hong Kong City is in fact among the most costly cities to live in as well as caters mainly to vacationers that are looking to spend. Luxurious accommodations could cost up to several thousand Hong Kong dollars a night. Nonetheless, you can also find economical lodges for travelers on a budget. In regards to meals, you’ve got options from street food, food courts to fine cuisine, depending upon exactly how much you’re ready to shell out.


Indeed, Hong Kong is a suitable holiday spot for every person whether for individuals, partners, or the whole family. With virtually all that there’s to do in Hong Kong City, this is certainly one location spot you must take a trip to. Enjoy and explore the good food, fantastic shopping, and lots of fun in Hong Kong!



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