Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

Hong Kong just might be the best place in Asia to find a great restaurant. Despite the territory’s relatively small area, it boasts some of the finest cuisine you’ll encounter anywhere. Naturally, it’s a wonderful center for Cantonese food, but there are also some surprises: did you know that you can enjoy better Japanese food here than in much of Japan itself? Here are some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong:


If you’re looking for superb French dining, then head for The Landmark on Queen’s Road Central, where you’ll find this storied gem. Dutch chef Richard Ekkebus is rapidly becoming a superstar thanks to his inventiveness and sheer Gallic flair. Who’d have thought that pineapple and tomato would go together so well, or that almonds could almost taste fresher than the day they were picked? Dine here and you’ll see what we mean!

Lung King Heen

You may have a hankering for something more Asian – you are in China, after all – and if so, look no further than this Kowloon showpiece. Having now been awarded the coveted three Michelin stars for six years in a row, you know you’re getting quality. While you gaze over Victoria Harbour from the window, try – somehow – to make your mind up between the 12 Bird’s Nest selections or the delicate, lightly seasoned fish dishes that make up the bulk of the main menu.

Cafe Grey Deluxe

Now, here’s a Queensway Admiralty institution that everyone should visit. It may have been around for years now, but a restaurant this good never gets old. It’s probably the best place in Hong Kong to really experience the “East meets West” fusion that’s made this place what it is today. Many people rave about its spring chicken – it may sound a dull, safe choice of dish, but don’t let the name fool you; it’s truly delicious.

Tenku RyuGin

What – award-winning Japanese food on the south coast of China? No, you’re not imagining it! Just climb 101 floors of the Tsim Sha Tsui’s International Commerce Centre to discover why this establishment has two Michelin stars. Based around the cuisine of Tokyo, it isn’t a cheap option, but you do get around 10 courses, following the structure of a traditional Japanese kaiseki. If you’re daring, try the frozen apple candy: it’s served at -320F!

Le Dome du Cristal

Another French Queen’s Road Central masterpiece, this may be the ultimate gastronomic destination in Hong Kong. You’ll probably blow an entire week’s budget on your meal, but you’re unlikely to regret it. Yes, it really is that good. Every aspect of the experience is fantastic: the canapes, the side dishes, the centerpiece dishes, and even the service. Naturally, there’s also a superb selection of French wines.

Twenty Six by Liberty

Slightly tucked away on Stanley Street it may be, but this is certainly among the best restaurants in Hong Kong. New chef Bjoern Alexander has brought a slightly more casual, bright feel to the place, but it’s certainly no fast-food outlet! The dishes are simple and unpretentious, but presented perfectly, and the staff are renowned for making customers feel at ease – even if they’re not used to this level of fine dining. Be warned: there’s quite a waiting list!

8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana

In the Landmark Alexandra mall is is the Italian restaurant owned by the buyer of world’s largest white truffle – around 4 pounds. You won’t get to eat that, but you can eat white truffle ice cream if you choose to dine at the only Italian place in the world – outside Italy, of course! – to have received the coveted three Michelin stars. There’s plenty of variety on the menu, with dishes ranging from lobster risotto to zucchini trompetta. Oh, and a walk-in wine cellar you can take a tour of.

Mrs. Pound

If you can’t find this restaurant when you arrive in Sheung Wan, that’s because it doesn’t look like one! The entrance is designed to look like that of an old-fashioned stamp seller’s, but once you’re inside there’s no pretense about this wonderful Malaysian place. Everyone’s been talking about its rendang poutine, and it’s certainly excellent, but don’t neglect the rest of the menu. In particular, the black pepper crab is to die for.

Aberdeen Street Social

The likes of Gordon Ramsay may have more name recognition when it comes to British chefs, but Jason Atherton’s new restaurant – in, er, Aberdeen Street – should certainly not be neglected. It’s not yet so well known as to be impossible to get a table, but if this quality keeps up then it probably soon will be. The roasted turbot is unmissable, while pig’s trotters are a lot tastier than they sound. There’s even a more casual bar downstairs; who could ask for more?



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